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We understand the frustrations an unwanted tattoo may bring, but laser tattoo removal treatments are too expensive in Hong Kong to be considered worthwhile. Skinlab Hong Kong was founded for this very reason. We believe laser tattoo removal treatments should be made affordable to everyone, without compromise in quality and service. Our laser equipment is hospital grade and FDA approved, designed specifically for laser tattoo removal. Our experienced technicians are fully trained and certified in the US, ready to treat tattoos of all shapes and sizes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

About Laser Tattoo Removal

Skinlab is the first and only laser tattoo removal clinic in Hong Kong to provide you an innovative treatment calculator. This calculator is instant, 100% accurate and free. Click here to calculate your treatment prices now!
Generally, clients seeking to partially remove a tattoo to enhance their cover-up projects require 4 to 8 treatments, depending on their cover-up design. Meanwhile, clients looking to fully remove their tattoo require 10 to 18 treatments.

The followings are several major factors which contribute to the amount of treatments you may need:

– Age of tattoo
– Size of tattoo
– Location of tattoo
– Tattoo ink colors
– Depth of ink
– Density of ink
– Pre-existing scarring
– Patient health

A consultation is required for an accurate assessment.

No, tattoo removal treatments by laser does not cause any scarring if properly cared for. In most cases, scarring occurs when the wrong laser is used for tattoo removal or when the tattoo is not well taken care of after the laser treatments.
While pain tolerance is highly subjective, most of our client find laser sensation very tolerable.
Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do to expedite the tattoo fading process. The laser’s role is to simply break down the ink pigment into very small particles, where it can be carried away by your white blood cells. With that said, the process depends entirely on your health. What we can do are preventative measures, so we are not causing additional trauma to your skin, allowing optimal recovery.

About Skinlab Hong Kong Laser Tattoo Removal Clinic

Skinlab Hong Kong Laser Tattoo Removal was established because there are no affordable laser tattoo removal options offered in Hong Kong, operated by trained and certified technicians, using an FDA approved machine.

We are also the only clinic in Hong Kong to offer the followings:

– Transparent Pricing (Get an instant and accurate quote online)
– Tattoo Removal Guarantee
– Refundable pre-purchased treatments
– Remove multiple tattoos for one fixed affordable price

It is our goal to offer honest pricing by making our prices as transparent as possible, while providing the most affordable laser tattoo removal service in Hong Kong. We are very confident in our work, and we back it up with 1 Year Guarantee and refundable treatments when you purchase our Platinum package.

Our clinic uses Astanza Revolution International, a system designed specifically to remove tattoos. Our system is FDA approved, and is medical grade.
All of our technicians have undergone extensive laser training and fully certified under New Look Laser College in the United States. Both our male and female technicians are highly experienced and have treated hundreds and thousands of tattoos.
Skinlab Hong Kong Laser Tattoo Removal is strictly a tattoo removal clinic. We don’t offer other services.

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